50 for 50: Praying for Crestmont Jubilee

To celebrate Crestmont’s 50th anniversary, we decided the best way to celebrate the past is to set our sights on the future. Therefore, we are using our golden anniversary as a launch pad rather than a landing pad by celebrating Crestmont’s Year of Jubilee! In the Bible, the year of Jubilee was as Sabbath year that was to take place every 50 years. It was a year of rest for the land and workers, a year marked by debt forgiveness, a year of prisoners being set free, a year of forgiveness, reconciliation and return and rest. Israel never actually celebrated the Jubilee, yet Jesus used it to launch his ministry (Luke 4:16-30) because Jesus is the Jubilee! Therefore, Crestmont’s Year of Jubilee celebration is a year long launching pad to a new era of walking with Jesus into this brave new world. It is a time of renewal, revitalization and revival. It is a time to heal the wounds of the past through forgiveness, to release old debts and set prisoners free. It is a time to step out in faith ad risk doing the work of mission and justice and prayer and worship in fresh ¬†ways. It is a time to join arms with our Kingdom Like brothers and sisters and demonstrate the racial unity that signifies that the Kingdom of God is at hand! However as exciting as all that sounds, we must recognize that we have zero strength to do any of this on our own. If it’s going to happen, God has to do it. That’s why we are prioritizing 50 days of prayer leading up the launch date of our Year of Jubilee. We are in the process of creating a space specifically for prayer, a prayer room that will be open 24/7 as well as a altar prayer team. We are asking that every member would make it a daily habit to pray for this upcoming year long celebration. Here is a list of specific things you can pray for:

  • God’s Glory to be manifest
  • Gospel zeal
  • Revival
  • Healing of past wounds
  • Spiritual growth of all church members
  • Wisdom for leaders
  • A spirit of unity and love
  • A spirit of worship
  • Protection from the devil’s schemes
  • Mission expansion

These are just a few suggestions and I trust the Holy Spirit will lead you in other directions as well. You will receive more details about the 50 days of prayer as we develop them but you don’t have to wait till then. Start praying now! Please join us as we seek God’s glory to be revealed through our church!



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